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About us

Group is Professionally Experienced and Technically Strong in Installation, Calibration / Testing, Commissioning & Maintenances of all types of Process Control instruments.

Group to venture into Services for Calibration & Maintenances of All Types of Process Control Instruments in own 1250 Sq.Fit Facilities Work-Shop Area for Calibration Laborites with facilities of Flow, Pressure & Temperature Calibration. A Flow Calibration set-Up with highly Accurate SIEMENS make Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Accuracy : /- 0.25%). Also Facility of All types of On / Off & Control Valve's Maintenances, Calibration and Automation.

The Group also went Multinational by starting Operations in the Site base projects for Installation, Commissioning, Testing & Calibration of All Types of Process Control Instruments. Also undertakes Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and Project Engineering Contracts (EPC), As-Built Projects (Punch list Clearances and Drawings As Built activities) to supplement its huge growth and established its stronghold on Instrumentation Services.



As a Team Leader & Technical & Development Director Mr. Hiralal Bendale, a person who has 23 Year Field Experiences in Process Control Instrumentation. Started his carrier from Small Scale industries to MNC companies. On base of Strong Technical Background, he worked with Petroleum Development of Oman (Oil & Gas Industries-Oman) as approved Maintenances Engineer through one of the largest MNC Company L&T.

Also worked for Mott MacDonald & Company as a Sr. Control & Automation Engineer-Approved by PDO. As his role to visits at customer sites to attend the customer service requests also perform the first level of working Capability and commitments of in time completion of Projects with his huge Experiences and Strong technical background and to handle the team for project's requirements.

hiralal bendale

Mr. Hiralal K. Bendale

Technical & Development Director